Monday, December 11, 2017

Shopping at Banila Co

One of the challenges of parenting teens is how to make our teens open up to us, di ba? I have friends who tell me it takes so much prodding to get a kwento out of their teens. When I hear that, I feel extremely lucky that my 2 girls like to (over)share their thoughts with me. Yan yung natural na sa kanila. I love parenting my teens talaga, and I share all the reasons why here!

But for me, more than having them open up to me, I want to be able to have a meaningful influence in their lives. Yung tipong, they will instinctively come to me for advice before they make a major decision. That's why I'm working on being consistently and intimately involved in their worlds, that's the only way to make sure they will actively involve me in theirs.

On my part, I try my best to be a good listener para they will feel comfortable sharing what's going on in their lives with me if they know I won't judge them right away. The key word is right away. I take time to listen first before I weigh in, kahit na mahirap gawin minsan.

I share more about my realizations on how to be a good by-stander in my teens' lives here.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Our Barenaked Experience

Just last month, J went back to swim training after a hiatus.

She was the first among my kids to swim. She used to be a pretty good swimmer, qualifying for championship meets/finals and competing on a national level during her grade school years. I even accompanied her when she competed for the Palarong Pambansa and the Batang Pinoy Finals

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Weekend Family Bonding with Globe Streamwatch Roku TV

Life with active teens can get really busy. Someone always has a meeting, school project, party, competition... the list can seem almost endless.

Sometimes it gets so crazy that one-on-one dates mean grocery shopping with me or the car ride going to swim training, but it’s moments like these that they remember! What this shows is that dating our kids doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. It just needs a child and a parent, spending time together and giving them our undivided attention. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

I Don't Really Miss My Son...

... that much!

R is now halfway through his 6-week cultural and language trip. I don't miss him the way I thought I would. Before he left, I thought I would be inconsolable and in misery. He is my fave son, after all! But it's almost four weeks, and I'm fine - because I know he's fine

We don't get to talk to him everyday, or whenever we want. The calls are scheduled down to the last minute. Just twice a week. In between those days, no news is good news.

credits to his team mentor, Mr. Moreno, for all the trip photos

Monday, November 20, 2017

#MomProtect: How To Proactively Protect Our Families Against Diseases

A few weeks ago, I saw some of my favorite moms for lunch at Grind Bistro in Net Park BGC. Like what usually happens when moms get together, the chika is almost non-stop, we talk about everything.
l-r: Michelle Lim, ME, Sabrina Go, Janice Villanueva, Mish Aventajado
 Thank you for the photo, Michelle Lim

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Gluten-free Moffles (Mochi + Waffles)

For the longest time, I have been using this recipe to make gluten-free waffles for my girls. Until the time I saw my friend, Sabrina, posts something on IG. She called her creation Ube Mochi Waffles. It's my first time to hear of that. She used glutinous rice four and coconut milk. Naintriga ako, so when I was able to get hold of ube halaya from Good Shepherd, I made sure to try her recipe.

It looks like any ordinary waffle, but when you bite into it, you will discover that it is so much better. The outside is toasted, while the inside is chewy. And please let's not forget the ube filling.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel

Every Sunday is family day for us. We go attend Sunday Service and then we meet up with my MIL and SIL and her family for lunch. My in-laws are creatures of habits. They like to stick to restaurants that they are familiar with and tested to be good.

One of the places we frequent for Sunday lunch is The Manila Hotel, especially when my FIL was still alive. I remember in 2011, when Manila Hotel rebranded Cafe Ilang-Ilang, my FIL booked reservations for all of us to try the newly renovated outlet as soon as it re-opened its doors.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Mom Talk with Tintin Babao

Different women have different experiences when it comes to being a mom. Even as a stay-at-home mom, you simply can’t be there for your kids all the time. My kids are already 17, 14 and 13, and they’re growing into their own skin. The best I can really do is to guide them and then let go and allow them to turn into their own kind of amazing.

We all went through our own evolution. I’m sure a lot of mom will agree when I say I definitely am not the same person I was when I just started raising my own family. Lifestyles change, preferences change, and priorities change. Right now, my top priority is keeping my family as happy, protected, and healthy as possible.

Now that it’s November, we think it’s the end of the rainy season, but it seems to be so unpredictable nowadays. The past few days we've seen some downpour, and we all know that with rainy season comes a lot of sickness, so keeping my family healthy becomes a bit more challenging.

I’ve shared many stories about my personal experiences as a mom, and I love hearing stories from other moms, too. Which is why I decided to have a quick chat with a mom whom we’ve all seen evolve into the wonderful mom that she is now – Tintin Babao.
from l-r: RJ Dancel, ME, Michelle Lim, Janice Villanueva, Tintin Babao, Lyn Ching

Monday, October 30, 2017

Officially a Teenager

When R was younger, he couldn't keep still. He was always moving, running... anything but stay still. He would often tire his dad out. His dad would have to physically restrain him just so he would stop running.

Even when he was in grade school, ang hirap pa din nya talagang kunan ng picture. It has to be a candid shot, a setting where he is allowed to move freely, otherwise I couldn't get a decent photo.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

{Weekend Footnotes} Cowrie Grill + Nikko's Baking Studio + UPCAT + SoruIzakaya

Cowrie Grill by Manila Hotel

I met up with some friends for dinner at the Cowrie Grill last Friday. It was my reward to myself for the hectic week. It was the perfect start to my weekend!

From the moment I walked through the door up to to the time I left the restaurant, the staff was very attentive. For dinner, I had lobster tail and Angus beef, which were both cooked to perfection. It's seasoned very well and is like cutting into butter.

There may be newer and fancier steak places, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better steak. I love this place! I will tell you more about all the food I ate here in my next post.

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